Notary Public

A notary public is an officer appointed to perform certain duties, prescribed by law, within, but not outside of, the limits of a certain County of a certain State or Territory. In some of the States the applicant for notarial honors has to pass an examination to determine his fitness for the office. In California, the appointment is made by the Governor.

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Proper Identification

Signers requiring notarial services can use the following as acceptable forms of identification:

  • U.S. Passport
  • State (U.S., Canada or Mexico) Issued Driver's License or State (U.S., Canada or Mexico) Issued ID that is not expired.
  • U.S. Military Identification
  • Foreign Passport Stamped by the United States of America
  • Two Credible Witnesses with proper identification as outlined above may be used if you do not have proper identification available at time notarial services are requested.

Fees for Services

$10.00 @ Jurats (per signature)
$10.00 @ Acknowledgements (per signature)
$10.00 @ Affirmations
$10.00 @ Oaths
$10.00 @ Proofs
$10.00 @ Protest + $05.00 @ Notice of Nonpayment + $05.00 @ Recording + $20.00 @ Deposition + $05.00 @ Oath + $05.00 @ Certificate
$150.00 @ Holidays Services + Fees for services rendered
$200.00 @ After Hour Services + Fees for services rendered

Mobile Fees

$20.00 @ 00 - 10 Miles
$30.00 @ 10 - 20 Miles
$35.00 @ 20 - 30 Miles
$01.00 @ Every Mile Thereafter

Loan Signing Services

Please contact me if you require loan signing services so I can provide you with a competitive rate.

Please note that I'm bound by the laws of the State of California as a Notary Public and am not a legal representative of my hiring broker, signer, lender or borrower and cannot render any legal advice, nor will I provide you with an opinion of anything I am requested to notarize. Once again, a notary public cannot provide legal advice and is not an attorney. Also, I am unable to provide you with an "opinion" with regards to any terms or fees during the course of any loan signing.